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CNC Milling

Vast expertise in delivering 1 off to batch production runs of CNC milled components in a raft of materials. Our 4 CNC VMC’s equipped with 4th Axis rotary indexing heads and state of the art Renishaw probing allow us to cater for a vast range of customer requirements and end products.

All our CNC mills can be driven by our recent CAM (Computer Aided Manufacture) investment further extending our capabilities in this area, giving greater design flexibility and manufacturing to our customers.

Max component size – 1000 x 500 x 400 (x/y/z travel in mm)

We regularly machine to +/- 0.01mm tolerances but can offer far finer if required.

CNC Live Tool Turning

To complement our existing suite of CNC Turning stations recent investment now means IPEL have a dedicated CNC Turn Mill station. This allows us to continue to serve our customers with the quality components whilst simultaneously reducing the number of machining operations and lead times. It enables IPEL to produce components with Off-Centre drilling, milling, pockets, serial engraving and radial engraving all in 1 operation. It also improves accuracy through fewer machine changes. The turn mill machines are ideally suited to small, medium and large production runs as they are equipped with bar feeders up to 3” Ø

As with all IPEL CNC machines we are now fully CAD/CAM ready.

Manual Machining

Manual Mill

One of our biggest assets at IPEL is our unrivalled wealth of experience in the traditional open mill environment to obtain only the highest level of precision-engineered components. This is a true engineering art form with skills that are honed over generations. Despite the fantastic developments in CAD and CAM technology in the past year’s computers will never be able to surpass the skillset of traditional manufacturing skills – using them in conjunction however is an extremely powerful combination.

Over the years we have been able to establish our position as a market leader in the small batch runs of extremely tight tolerance components in a whole range of materials and produce components that many organisations would struggle with.

All of our Open / Manual mill machine stock have undergone either complete overhaul or replacement within the last 2 years to ensure the best finishes and tolerances meet our customers and exceed their expectations on every delivery. Much of the finished work goes into the electron microscopy sectors highlighting the complexity of the tasks at hand.

We regularly machine to a tolerances as tight as +- 0.01mm in all axis.

Max component size – 770 x 500 x 400 (x/y/z travel in mm)

Manual Turn

To truly complement our Manual milling cell IPEL has retained and enhanced its skillset in the Manual turning sectors to ensure the needs of our customers requiring manually turned parts can be met. A range of 5 truly manual chuck and collet lathes with recent overhaul help IPEL to remain at the top of the game across a range of component sizes from 600mm plates to M0.5 Molybdenum screws.

As is true for the Manual milling sector obtaining the skills to work in this environment are becoming increasingly hard to find. IPEL takes great pride in cross training all our staff to be multi-disciplinary and to obtain the more traditional craft skills that helps us maintain our position as a market leader

Vacuum Fabrication

The addition of a Vacuum fabrication cell allows IPEL to deliver further services to our customers in the high and Ultra high vacuum industries. This ranges from standard components such as Gaskets and Flanges through to:
• Vacuum chambers
• Custom fabrications
• Vacuum Components and fittings
• Feedthroughs, Reducers, and bellows
• Valves

With on site 3D design, highly skilled fabricators working to the latest standards and modern state of the art equipment from Leak checkers and welding sets combined with our wealth of knowledge and state of the art inspection equipment IPEL is dedicated to providing components and fabrications of the very highest quality.

With a dedicated packing team understanding the importance of cleanliness and damage protection in transit our packing will exceed your requirements and ensure your item arrives in perfect condition!


IPEL is driven by state of the art technology and equipment, continual investment occurs in the areas of CAD CAM to ensure efficiency, accuracy, convenience and fast turn around on all jobs.

Using the latest EdgeCAM with up to 4 axis compatibility combined with SolidWorks design suite we can offer the complete solution from sketch, through Engineering Drawings, prototypes and production runs.

In keeping with the digital age, we are able to use our Inspection equipment to check finished items to a 3D model and or a DWG drawing.

  • edgecam
  • solidworks


A recent addition to the IPEL structure is the acquisition of JB pressings Ltd. We have the capability to produce specialised pressings to service the vacuum industry amongst others including chamber windows and flanges, we can also offer tighter machined tolerances as a second operation.

Materials Kovar, Telcoseal, Carpenter 46, Stainless Alloy 48

Thicknesses 0.5 – 1.0 mm
Bespoke 1 off pressings to batch runs
In house design service for bespoke requirements
Max blanking size – 110mm
Minimum component size – 19mm
Tolerance + – 0.1mm


During the manufacture of any component IPEL ensure the emphasis on attention to detail and quality throughout all of our work. We have invested heavily in the latest Inspection equipment to ensure our quality department can use the latest calibrated equipment to exceed ISO9001:2008
Our equipment includes:
• 1x QCT CMM with full CAD integration
• Vertical height gauges
• Mitutoyo profile projector
• Bore Micrometers
• Full sets of calibrated plugs and gauges