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Interface Precision Engineering Limited (IPEL) founded in 2011 becoming a standalone company having broken away from Interface Manufacturing Limited (Electronics Division). IPEL is a specialist Sub contract precision manufacturer based in East Sussex. Specialising in the highest quality Machined, Fabricated and Pressed components / assemblies in a whole raft of materials from Aluminium, Steels, Refractories (Niobium, Tantalum, Molybdenum, Titanium etc.), Copper, Brass, Plastics (PTFE, Nylon Acetyl etc.) and ceramics.

IPEL’s unrivalled reputation has been built around our ability to produce the highest quality machined components be it a one-off prototype or a large batch production run. Alongside this, Interface is delighted to announce the addition of a bespoke vacuum chamber and fabrication cell that can offer anything from a bespoke flange, through to a one-off custom chamber.

Equipped with state of the art machinery and highly skilled engineers there is no company better placed to provide a total bespoke engineering solution, offering the complete service from design to certified inspection using the latest CMM and CAD/CAM equipment.

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